Why did you join Vascobelo?
I originally joined Vascobelo as a sales intern but progressively oriented my work towards the logistics side of e-commerce. After this 10-month internship, my contract came to an end and I got the opportunity to keep working at Vascobelo as a full-time employee.

What makes you happy at work?
Each day at work is very different due to the diverse projects we are focusing on. I like to be challenged and excel at multi-tasking. What’s great at Vascobelo, is that you are constantly encouraged to speak up and your own input is valued and listened to.

What is your latest accomplishment?
I recently proposed a new plan for Vascobelo’s E-fulfillment process that would make a significant impact on the value of orders, increase customer experience, and decrease overall shipping expenses.

Do you have a piece of advice for someone joining Vascobelo in 2022?
One advice I would give to someone who would join Vascobelo this year is to keep looking for ways to grow both professionally and personally. I’ve realised that a lot can happen in a short time and great changes can take place.


When and why did you join Vascobelo?
I started working at Vascobelo Stadionplein 5 years ago [February 2017], as an intern. What attracted me to join Vascobelo was above all the opening hours that allowed me to have a job while being a student. Then, it was the ability to work with coffee for a brand with a nice concept and a great story to tell. 
In your opinion, what makes Vascobelo an amazing place to work at?
Since the very first day I joined Vascobelo, what stroke me was the ‘Family feeling’. It is a bit difficult to describe, but it made me feel very welcome and encouraged me to be myself at all times. Another great aspect is the time that Vascobelo invested in me to help me develop my skills and think of my future within the company. Talking about long-term career goals made working a lot more fun, as I realised there were so many ways I could grow. I have many examples of other colleagues who evolved from All-rounders to Managers, and in some cases, to even higher positions. 
What skills have you developed in your career at Vascobelo?
Besides learning how to pour a figure into a cup after a couple of weeks, I discovered a lot about Coffee - much more than I thought. But the most important thing I learnt is ‘How to manage'. Only 6 months after I joined Vascobelo, I got the opportunity to become an Assistant Manager. Back then, Daan was giving all the training and I gained a lot from him. Today, I understand that the biggest lesson I have learnt is to perceive problems as challenges, which helps to accept them, reflect and find a better solution.
What excites you the most about your job?
What really makes me happy is when I see other people happy. And the fun part of my job is that I can do that in many different ways. I especially like grumpy customers who come in and believe everything is against them. No matter what happened to them, the cool challenge is to try making their day a little better with a short conversation, a perfect cappuccino or with one of our sandwiches. All these things are so much funnier to do when you know you can make people happier. Another aspect I love about my job is knowing that I can always help my colleagues and teach them new skills, even if I am not on the floor as much as when I was an All-Rounder.